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Tiles Bedding System

Ceramic tile adhesives manufactured at our company offers rapid curing times, excellent water and mold resistance for the construction industry. With our years of research and development on industrial floorings, we have come to a conclusion that the most critical part of industrial flooring is the substrate preparation and bedding mix. Tiles bedding systems plays an important part in the life and performance of an industrial floor.

Our latest bedding technology, a multi-component system, comprises of highly polymerized mineral adhesives, elastomeric latex additives which are shrink-free, quick setting, high adherance and shock absorbing all essential requirements for long lasting industrial floorings. Each product of our company has to pass through a rigorous quality check process before being supplied to customers.

Some Features of Our Tile Bedding Adhesives

  • Improved adherence and elasticity
  • Frost proof
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Frost proof and waterproof
  • Highly efficient

Lanexis is a reputed and known supplier of tiles bedding system to all over the world. Apart from guarantee of services, the company also takes responsibility of shipped products. Each individual associated with the company is trained to ensure effective services.

LANTUFF Flooring is done using specialized highly polymerized cements specially engineered and manufactured for Lanexis. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier so you can contact us any time with your requirement. Our executives will contact you in no time. Discounts are also available for new customers.

Bedding System