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Acid Resistant Primer

Acid Resistant Primer is bitumen based corrosion resistant paint. It is a single component air curing paint. It is easily applied by a brush, roller or spray and it meet the requirements of IS: 9862 specification.

Acid Resistant Primer
Acid Resistant Primer
Acid Resistant Primer

Uses of Acid Resistant Bitumen Primer

Acid Resistant Bitumen Primer is used as primer over concrete surfaces for the application of mastic as membrane for chemical resistant acid-proof tile / brick lining work. On treatment with the primer a good bond is developed between the concrete surface and the mastic. It is also used as anti-corrosive paint on steel structures for rust prevention. It is used for coating and protecting any surface, whether wood, metal or concrete in such constructions as bridges, tanks, girders, pipes, etc.


The concrete structure should be sound in construction, dry, clean, even and free from cracks, pot holes, honey combs and hallow sound when tapped using a wooden hammer. The concrete should be fully cured, before taking up the coating for acid proof construction.

Acid Resistant Bitumen Primer is resistant to splashes and fumes of most inorganic acids of dilute to moderate strength and to most alkalies.


Lanexis manufactures a premium range of products using quality raw-materials sourced from leading manufacturers and mineral belts world-wide. Our manufacturing expertise is in Fired & Monolithic Refractories, Acid Resistant Clay Bricks and allied products. We use innovate process to manufacture advanced materials for Industrial and Building & Construction Industry from ISO certified facilities in India.