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Insulation Bricks

We manufacture and supply insulation bricks, insulating refractory bricks and insulating firebrick. Our insulating fire bricks are not only soft and light weight, but are durable too. Insulation fire bricks have very low thermal conductivity and low heat storage properties. Insulating refractory brick is used for heat insulating bricks and covers those heat insulating materials which are applied up to 1000 degree Celsius.

Exfoliated vermiculite is used in the production of insulation shapes which are typically produced using finer grades of the mineral and sodium or potassium silicate.With the viable optionto choose variety of brickcategories one can explore the best one from many manufacturers now. Take for example trendily designed options of insulation bricksavailable everywhere. These bricks have indeed become one of the most preferable options by many Indians.They are typically designed bricks thus they always remainthe center of attraction before many people.

Insulation Fire Bricks Manufacturers & Suppliers

There is no dearth of choice when it comes to making selection of insulating fire brickfor building material purpose. You have endless options in the country now and thus approach manufacturers who provideyou customized solutions. Explore all manufacturers by asking for quotations. Assessall quotations of the manufacturer’s product description keenly to make selection of suitable bricks. Keep the following aspects into consideration.

Furthermore, you must also focus on other aspects while assessing the bricks which insulation bricks manufacturers in your area claims to offer. If they present you quotations for fire bricks categories,then you should question a manufacturer for the level of low thermal conductivity they assure to have used. Make queries about low heat storage properties as well. As these bricks are manufactured by keeping the quality standards into consideration their heatingand proper use of insulating materials must also be examined. Manufacturers apply up to 1000-degree Celsius heat level in quality checking process.

High Quality Insulating Fire Bricks for Refractory

Their holes do matter to give best penetration in mounting brackets. Equally is important fixing screws for the accurate placing of bricks. That is why production of insulating fire brick is an extensively professional task.

Out of the several reputed insulating fire brick manufacturers in the national capital region, Lanexis Enterprises has attained reputation today for production and supply of high alumina bricks. These are also famous as calcium aluminate bricks. They are ultimate products as durable ones to offer you ample peace of mind.

Insulation Bricks
Insulating Fire Bricks

Key Features of Fire Insulation Bricks

  • Cross verification of raw materials used
  • The level of softness and weight
  • The sizing of such bricks as per your need

Reputed High Quality insulating fire brick manufacturers use exfoliated vermiculite for the production of such insulation shape bricks. Their making is a typicalprocess. The raw materialused to produce such bricks are best quality sodium or potassium silicateminerals with other support materials. They are thus perfect for various end uses including manufacturing of night storage heaters to ceramic cooker hobs and boilers amongst others.

Keeping in consideration special uses of insulation bricks manufacturers minutely observe them from production to supplies. Such bricks are commonly used to build silicate bound building boards thus their manufacturing requires careful observation of sizing and material use. These steps are necessary to maintain their dimensional stability. All insulation bricks manufacturers focus on brick shapes.