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High Performance Refractory Linings for furnaces, boilers, ladles, chimneys & reactors. Refractory Design & Engineering Solutions.


Acid Proof & FRP Lining systems for Acid Storage & Reaction Tanks, Pickling plants, ETP, Battery Rooms & Water Treatment Plants.


Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring for High traffic, Forklift movement & Heavy usage areas exposed to extensive industrial ware.


High Performance-Energy Efficient advance materials serving unique solutions for Industrial, Building & Construction Industry.

Welcome To Lanexis Enterprises Private Ltd.

Lanexis provides innovative engineering solutions for Heavy-Industrial needs worldwide. We are a leading engineering solutions company having High-Performance products, innovative technology & services. Our expertise is in offering proven Refractory, Corrosion Resistance & Industrial Ware Solutions.

Renowned throughout major industries for Refractory, Acid Resistant & Industrial Flooring solutions, we provide customized industry specific solutions through our premium product range for leading manufacturers and our in-house engineering capabilities.

About Us

Part of the Lanexis-IAC group, we have great expertise in unique engineering solutions for Heavy-Industrial Ware. With our In-House Technology, Proven Products, & Design Engineering services we are renowned throughout key industries worldwide for our Product quality.

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Our Services

With our five-decade industry experience and industrial process knowledge, we provide the most effective solutions based on our experience, prior projects & engineering capabilities. With Lanexis enterprises, you save money through energy efficient solutions & products.

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Lanexis manufactures a premium range of products using quality raw-materials sourced from leading manufacturers world-wide. We use innovate process to manufacture advanced materials for Industrial, Building & Construction Industry from ISO certified facilities in India.

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Much of our business is exporting Refractories, Acid Resistant Materials, Building Materials & Industrial Floorings to our customers in Africa, Middle East, & South-East Asia. We provide complete solutions right from design engineering to material selection-supply.

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