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Heavy Duty Industrial Tiles

Lanexis is a global leader in the feild of Industrial Floorings and Heavy duty industrial ceramic tiles. We are currently executing turnkey flooring projects throughout India. We have also successfully completed high-performance factory & warehouse floors in Middle East, Africa, Srilanka & Bangaladesh.

Modern Industrial floors are subjected to wear from new equipment and processes, Whrooming forklifts, thumping of machines, extreme temperatures, occasional spillage of liquids, oil or acids, continuous heavy pedestrian and hard wheeled trolley traffic.

Lanexis after many years of tests, trials & large industrial applications using Kota, Mandana and Epoxy & PU floor coverings, have found the most appropriate solution.


  • Antiskid
  • Highly resistant to acid & alkali
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Small size suitable for installing on vertical surfaces
  • High flexural strength
  • Can withstand very heavy loads
  • Gives a great degree of traction to vehicle wheels
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Ease of application and repair
  • Available in many sizes, colours and designs.
Heavy Duty Industrial Tile Lining
Heavy Duty Industrial Tile Lining

Heavy Duty Industrial Ceramic Tiles Supplier in India

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Ceramic Tiles in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad and all over the India.

Industrial floor tiles Exporter from India

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial floor tiles in Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Maldives, Malaysia, Dammam, Bahrain, Ghana, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Bhutan, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Argentina, Nigeria, Egypt, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jeddah, Riyadh, South Africa, Kuwait, Fujairah, Thailand, Dubai, UAE, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and all over the world.