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Quick Setting Flooring Solution

LANTUFF is the right industrial flooring solution for those areas where a shutdown cannot be taken.We have a quick setting high strength polymerized bedding, grouting and unique application system by which the flooring is useable with light movement within 48 hours and optimum strength within one week in a running plant without hindering the production. No water curing is required for this system making it easy to install and the shrink-proof quality of the bedding results in a much durable floor.

We have a trained team to applicators who can install such a system in just 24-48 hours with the above benefits of strength and cleanliness so you can start using your forklifts or process within a couple of days of application without taking expensive shutdowns.


We have numerous application areas for our flooring systems, as industries switch to new processes and new equipments with larger forklifts and higher static & dynamic loads, increased production & storage capacities, they are facing many flooring problems of abrasion, breakage and hard-to-maintain floors to keep up with their usage.

This makes LANTUFF the best solution; this is why every year we have the opportunity to enter new industries

Quick Setting Flooring Solution