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High Alumina Fire Bricks

Lanexis is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of High Alumina Fire Bricks, High Alumina Bricks for Refractory Lining. Our High Alumina Fire Brick have various applications in steel, power plant industry. Our High Alumina bricks are widely used in the construction of furnaces, kilns, fireplaces and fireboxes for they can withstand high temperatures and are suitable for fire places in the factory and other commercial building. Our High Alumina Bricks that are manufactured using best quality raw materials.

We manufacture and supply special quality high alumina fire clay bricks and other refractory materials such as refractory castables, refractory mortars, refractory klin cements, high purity castable, high temperature mortars.

High Alumina Fire Bricks
High Alumina Bricks

High Alumina Bricks Refractory Lining

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High Alumina Fire Bricks Specification

High Alumina Fire Bricks