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Furacin Mortar

FURACIN is a furane resin based-silica filled, acid resistant cement. This is a two-component system consisting of Syrup and Powder. It is a fast setting cement having good resistance towards alkalies and solvents. This meets the requirement of IS 4832 Part II, ASTM-C-395-80.

Furacin Mortar
Furacin Mortar


FURACIN is used for setting acid-proof tiles / bricks. Various areas like floors, foundations, drains, neutralisation pits, storage tanks, reaction tanks are lined using this cement. FURACIN is used for bedding and jointing of acid proof tiles / bricks under severe corrosive conditions and as pointing material for less severe conditions along with Cement Prodor SK as bedding mortar to provide an economical system. It is widely used by steel, fertilizers & petrochemical industries.


The prepared mortar is applied on the back and sides of the brick / tiles and pressed firmly on the surface so that the bedding is uniform. In case of pointing, the mortar is filled to the entire depth upto which the jointing material has been racked out. Before pointing with FURACIN mortar, the silicate cement joint should be cured with dilute hydrochloric acid. After curing for a period of 7 days at ambient temperature the lining can be put into operation.