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Corocem Mortar

COROCEM is an unsaturated Vinyl Ester resin based acid resistant cement used for both bedding and jointing and pointing of acid proof tiles / bricks. it combines the special advantage of rapid setting and hardening even under cold conditions, good mechanical strength and adhesion to tiles / bricks and stoneware.

Corocem Mortar
Corocem Mortar


COROCEM cements is used without any membrane for bonding of acid-resisting bricks, tiles, white vitreous tiles, glazed tiles in chemical resisting linings as in reaction tanks, floors, drains, towers etc. where greatest possible adhesion is required. It is used in different industries like Dyestuff, Rayon, Steel, Metal finishing, DM Water Plants, Paper and Pulp etc.


The prepared mortar is applied on the back and sides of the tile/brick and pressed firmly on the surface so that the bedding is uniform. After curing for a period of 7 days at an ambient temperature the lining can be put into operation.