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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar

B-100 is a three component epoxy based acid resistant mortar for Acid Resistant brick and Industrial tile lining applications. Chemical Resistant Mortar consists of powder, syrup and hardener. The advantages of this product are its outstanding adhesion to the substrates and its ability to cure at low temperature.

B-100 conforms to IS 4832 Part II and ASTM C-395-80 specifications.

B-100 cement with carbon filler can be supplied on special request.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar
Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar

Uses of Acid Resistant Mortar

Chemical resistant mortar is used for bonding acid resisting bricks, industrial tiles, white vitreous tiles, glazed tiles in the chemical resisting lining as in high use areas, floor surfaces, channels, towers, etc. where the greatest possible adhesion is required.


The prepared acid resistant mortar is applied on the back and sides of the brick / tile and pressed firmly on the surface, so that the bedding is uniform. In case of pointing only, the mortar is filled to the entire depth up to which the jointing material is racked out.

In case if bedding is done using silicate cement, the joint should be cured with Hydrochloric acid for a period of 24 hours consisting of one part of volume of commercial Hydrochloric acid and two parts by volume of water.

In case,If pointing is carried out when the bedding is done using Portland cement, it should be ensured that the pointing area is absolutely dry and a coat of primer applied before pointing with B-100 epoxy. After curing for a period of 7 days at ambient temperature the lining is put into operation.