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Cement Prodor Sk

CEMENT PRODOR SK is two-component silicate cement consisting of CEMENT PRODOR K Solution and CEMENT PRODOR S Powder and is used for setting acid proof tiles/bricks. CEMENT PRODOR SK conforms to IS 4832 Part I and ASTM C 466-86.

Cement Prodor
Cement Prodor
Cement Prodor


CEMENT PRODOR SK is extensively used as bedding cement in various areas like floors, drains, chimneys, tank farms, foundations, effluent treatment tanks and a host of other places. This cement is used in different industries like Steel, Dyestuff, Thermal Power plants, Fertilizer plants, Petrochemicals etc.


The prepared mortar is applied to the back and on the sides of acid resistance brick / tile and pressed firmly on the surface, so that the bedding is uniform. The mixing ratio should be 3:1 (Powder:Solution)