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Acid Resistant Mastic

Acid Resistant Mastic is a bitumen based compound; it consists of selected acid resistant siliceous fillers and bitumen, blended homogeneously to form butter like consistent mastic.

Acid Resistant Mastic
Acid Resistant Mastic

Uses of Acid Proof Mastic

Chemical Resistant Mastic is employed as an exposed lining for corrosion resistant floors where traffic is light or non-existent. It is employed as an impermeable chemical resistant membrane on floors, channels, manholes, sumps etc., which are constructed out of concrete and brick masonry. Acid Resistant Mastic is used on vertical surfaces upto 600 mm height. This is used in different industries like Dyes, Pigments, Chemicals, Automobiles, Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Sulphuric, Phosphoric Acid.

Applications of Acid Resistant Bitumen Mastic

The area to be covered using Acid Resistant Mastic should be divided into convenient number of bays. Wooden reapers of thickness equal to the required mastic thickness is used for maintaining uniform thickness. Acid Resistant Mastic is suitable for mild mineral acids. It is resistant to alkalies and salt solutions.