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Abrasion Resistant Exposed Flooring System

Lanexis also offers a ground breaking abrasion resistant exposed flooring system. which can be used as an overlay screed for Light & Heavy Duty Usage Areas. This is a hydraulic mineral binder system for multipurpose work also suitable for hyperfluid injection slurries.


  • Can be used as a screed in industrial Flooring and kept exposed.
  • Can be used as a replacement of trimix flooring.
  • Self levelling, Compacting and Zero crack risk.
  • Good for Heavy duty areas such as road repairing work, industrial flooring works.
  • For repairing of concrete structures such as column, beams, piers girders of bridges.
  • Excellent fluidity to completely fill cracks.
Abrasion Resistant Exposed Flooring system


Preparation of fine and standard grain concretes, compliant with EN 1504-3 Class R4 for structures exposed to air(PCC) and in permanent contact with water (CC) also resistant to environmental attack(EN 206).